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I am new to Magento and I have just setup Magento 1.8.1 with the sample data. I was going through the user guide of Magento CE 1.8.1 and came to know that Cookie restriction mode should be set to Yes because of European Union Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive and its amendment. But i am facing a issue now which I am unable to resolve. After changing the settings to Yes, I refreshed my site and I got the Allow Cookie Alert Box. I clicked Allow and I was directed to the Enable Cookies page. I again clicked allow on that page and was directed back to the same page as if it just refreshed. I am embedding screenshots for clear understanding:

home page - magento

Enable cookie page - magento

the first one is the home page and the second one is the enable cookie page.

Few changes what I did was, I changed System -> Config -> General -> Web -> use http only to No. I did this because I was getting errorless Login page when I was trying to login on the backend in Google chrome and this was one of the solutions available on stack overflow. But I reverted this back to yes when I came to know that this makes the site vulnerable to attacks. That's why I did some changes in the varien.php file as described in the second solution of Why I can not login to magento backend using google chrome by a user named AKT. Also, I had set the Cookie Restriction Mode to YES. Does anyone have a solution to this? This is only happening in Google Chrome.

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