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How can i use the bing map cache mode in WinRT.

I already used Cachemode="BitmapCache", but this doesn't work ! after using that, the Map just disappears from the view.

This solution works fine with Windows Phone !

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Caching is currently disabled. The map tiles are dynamically generated. If caching was enabled and a change happened to the data it's possible that you would end up with two tiles with data that doesn't line up.

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Thank you for your help, is there any way to avoid the memory leak caused by the bing map !! –  Abdelhamid Aug 29 at 9:17
Not really. You should only ever load the map once in your application and reuse it across pages if needed. –  rbrundritt Aug 29 at 9:31
How can i do this! the map is loaded eveytime i acess the page even if i return from another page ! –  Abdelhamid Aug 29 at 13:38
You have to load the map on the main page, create a static variable to access the map, and then when your sub-page loads reposition & resize the map as needed. –  rbrundritt Aug 30 at 8:25
Thank you for your help –  Abdelhamid Aug 30 at 15:19

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