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I got an HTML with the <body onload="window.print()">.

The question I'm trying to ask is:

  • Is there any way to remove the strings that the web browsers add to the printed page?
  • Such as:
    • Web site from where the page was printed
    • Page count
    • Title of the web page
    • Date of printing
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Google Docs is now skirting around this issue by generating a PDF version of your document.

If you are using Chrome, it will automatically open the PDF in a new tab and pop up the print dialog. Other browsers will prompt you to download the resultant file (which is not necessarily obvious behavior).

While I don't find this to be an elegant solution, one should be able to recreate this fairly easily using most existing web technologies.

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These a usually browser specific print settings.

In IE & FireFox for example you can go into page setup and change the header and footer details for printing.

I don't think this can be controlled by the web page itself.

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You can employ an activeX-plugin if your users uses IE, an example is scriptX from Meadroid:

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