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In our project many eclipse plugins are prepared. I want use tycho to build eclipse plugins automatically. But while executing "mvn install" in an update site project tycho can not find required features. Is there anything wrong??

My Update site   ---> packaging : eclipse-update-site 
My feature       ---> packaging : eclipse-feature 
my plugin        ---> packaging : eclipse-plugin 

How can i use tycho to install my plugin and feature in my target platform (eclipse) ??

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A repository is generated when you create a project with the following packaging as part of a multimodule build.


You can then reference it in Eclipse by pointing to the target/repository directory. As for deployment, there is no automated way of deploying that is provided by Tycho. Everything I have found so far involves the use of antrun or some other non-maven integrated way or even some unofficial plugin.

It's not like I haven't reported it either:

Tycho appears to favor doing things explicitly rather than providing sensible defaults like the Maven core.

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You can use the p2.generator task described in Equinox p2 Metadata Generator page.

It will allow you :

  • to generate metadata for a folder containing bundles and features (-source argument)
  • to generate metadata for a traditional Eclipse update site (-updateSite argument)
  • to generate metadata for an existing Eclipse application that does not contain p2 metadata (-config argument)

So in your case, I suspect your site lack the necessary metadata to be correctly installed in the eclipse target platform.

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The p2 metadata generator is deprecated and now points to Publisher. However, I wasn't able to find the equivalent target so I didn't update the answer. – Archimedes Trajano Feb 18 '13 at 13:37
@ArchimedesTrajano good to know. In the meantime, +1 to your answer. – VonC Feb 18 '13 at 14:03

You'll need to configure the target platform of the build. The target platform is where Tycho looks for plug-ins and features that are referenced by your own artifacts.

It is not possible to automatically install plug-ins built by Tycho into your Eclipse. However you can build a p2 repository (aka update site) with Tycho and use it as source for the "install new software" wizard.

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