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Most time scraper works normally, but sometimes I get

2014-08-28 11:02:27-0700 [aqicn] DEBUG: Retrying <GET http://site_address_com/> (failed 1 times): [<twisted.python.failure.Failure <class 'twisted.web._newclient.ParseError'>>]

I cannot understand why it happening. Who have same problem? May be it twisted bug? I try find something, but I got only partial official documentation.

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What is the request time delay you put in the setting? Try to slow down your robots and see if the error still exist. It happened to me before and it seems like is server cannot catch up and time out in the end. – B.Mr.W. Aug 28 '14 at 21:40
You talking about this parameter? DOWNLOAD_DELAY = 1 – Infernion Aug 28 '14 at 21:57
Yes, that was what I mean. I think that is a decent download_delay for most sites... maybe you can try to change it to 5 and see if the error still exist? – B.Mr.W. Aug 28 '14 at 22:00
Yes, it same, error isn't disappeared. I thinking, may be sever make some blocking for request. Because at first this errors weren't recently, but now it is. – Infernion Aug 28 '14 at 22:00

I think you are running into this bug. As you can see there is no official fix right now, just a monkey patch on the ticket.

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I have " <class 'twisted.web._newclient.ParseError'>" but in bug page "<class 'scrapy.xlib.tx._newclient.ParseError'>". I think this is different. – Infernion Aug 28 '14 at 21:42
@Infernion Is the same error, you are probably using another version of scrapy; all in scrapy.xlib.tx is twisted extended stuff. Can you reproduce this with the site? (I'm assuming you have curl) – nramirezuy Aug 29 '14 at 13:24
Can you say where put _monkey_patching_HTTPClientParser_statusReceived() because I not really understand – Infernion Aug 30 '14 at 8:09
Oh this monkey patch not for my problem. @Tonal has ERROR and brake scrape. But my ERROR appears and doesn't prevents for work of Scrapy. – Infernion Aug 30 '14 at 8:50
I think you are getting banned by the site, and on those ban responses the site is sending malformed headers triggering this error. – nramirezuy Sep 1 '14 at 22:18
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As were thinking @nramirezuy and @B.Mr.W scraper was banned on site. I use TOR and now I don't get this error. Thank you guys for help.

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