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I`m making my first theme for Wordpress and got pretty stuck on this. How can I align this images like this, without getting the a-tag using all the width.(If you click on right side of the first images, you are following the link without clicking on the image).

(link to site deleted)

I don`t want to set a fixed width on the images, but still having them centered without the anchor to take the full width.

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Try styling the text-align of the p's (text-align: center e.g.) and then changing the style on the img tags.

    display: inline;


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Thanks, that works. –  patricmj Aug 28 '14 at 20:15

You can also set the anchor to display block and then give it a width and margin: 0 auto. than set the img width to 100%.

I prefer this than using display inline because it gives less problems in some layouts.

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