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is there any way to validate -moz-border-radius / -webkit-border-radius in the CSS validator?

The client wants validation buttons in the sidebar (ugh!) and I can't find any way to bypass it. I've used @import too, no success.

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possible duplicate of… – zombat Mar 31 '10 at 19:10
Possible? How about almost word-for-word duplicate? – Charles Boyung Mar 31 '10 at 19:29
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-moz- and -webkit- aren't going to validate. They are vendor specific. When CSS3 becomes more 'offical', the actual border-radius should validate fine. Remember that there are several jQuery plugins that can round borders, but I highly recommend against them.

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If you use PrefixFree, you can use non-prefixed properties in your stylesheet and it'll convert them to prefixed properties (if necessary) for the appropriate browsers. This means in your stylesheet, you can write, for example, border-radius: 5px; (which will validate as CSS3), but older versions of Firefox and Safari will automatically use -moz-border-radius: 5px; and -webkit-border-radius: 5px;.

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