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Which AMI would you suggest for CentOS 5.x 64-bit? There is quite a large list but I am clueless as to how to make my decision based on the list here:


(I tried 'Rating' but that's too subjective)

I also don't want to build my own AMI (for now).

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The CentOS AMI's prepared by RightScale are probably sufficient. See http://support.rightscale.com/18-Release_Notes/02-AMI/RightImages_Release_Notes for details and a list of AMI identifiers.

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You can also browse and filter the Amazon Machine Images - here is a list showing
CentOS x64 with an ebs root volume. You can also check out the page from CentOS discussing how to get started with Amazon and perhaps use one of their AMIs from the Marketplace - which appear to be free from software costs (you just have to pay the amazon usage fees).


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