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I made a basic package to facilitate the use of SQLAlchemy in Pyramid applications: pyramid_sqlalchemy. When you write tests for an application using this package you will need some fixtures to provide a working database environment. These fixtures are completely generic and do not need to be customised for an application. At this moment these fixtures are listed in the testing chapter of the documentation and require people to copy & paste them into their code. Needless to say this is not ideal.

Is there a simple way for pyramid_sqlalchemy to expose those fixtures in a way other packages can use them directly? I tried a naive approach by creating a pyramid_sqlalchemy.fixtures module with all the fixtures and doing a from pyramid_sqlalchemy.fixtures import * in the conftest.py of the application tests, but that did not result in the fixtures being picked up.

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Take a look at the documentation about installing external plugins at http://pytest.org/latest/plugins.html#making-your-plugin-installable-by-others.

Basically you create a python package with a setuptools entry point:

# sample ./setup.py file
from setuptools import setup

    packages = ['myproject']

    # the following makes a plugin available to pytest
    entry_points = {
        'pytest11': [
            'name_of_plugin = myproject.pluginmodule',

Where myproject.pluginmodule is a module containing your fixtures. Then installing that package using pip will make pytest load it at startup. For an example, see pytest-mock or any other pytest plugin.

Hope that helps,

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