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I have downloaded the new version(4.3) but when I go to the


this error is shown:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in phar://D:/wamp/www/agiletoolkit/agiletoolkit-sandbox.phar/lib/AgileToolkit/Installer.php on line 73

could you please help me how to install the new version?


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Can you please show us the code of the line that is causing the problem? It tells you about invalid syntax.. –  pyStarter Aug 29 at 18:30
From where did you downloaded that version? Latest from Github or from webpage? –  DarkSide Aug 29 at 21:52
I'm have downloaded the archive from www4.agiletoolkit.org/download –  webelizer Aug 30 at 8:57
the line 73 is: if(!$_GET['step']){ if($this->app->sandbox->auto_config->getConfig('certificate','')){ $this->redirect($this->url(null, ['step' => 'finish'])); } } –  webelizer Aug 30 at 8:58
Well actually it was bug in installer (which should be 5.3 compatible). I have resolved it and you can retry again. –  romaninsh Sep 1 at 12:14

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New ATK 4.3 version mostly use new PHP array notation [1,2,3] instead of old array(1,2,3) which is available only if you use PHP 5.4 and up.

So, please upgrade your PHP installation to at least 5.4 and then try again.

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On the other hand ATK 4.3 should still be compatible with PHP 5.3. Some incompatibilities are fixed now, but still some can happen. If you find issues, please create "new issue" in Github atk4 repository. –  DarkSide Sep 16 at 7:13

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