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In Access, I have one table called courses and another table called lessons

the table courses

id  name    code
1   english LEN
2   german  LDE
3   math    SMA

the table lessons

id  name        coursename  class_id
1   shakespare  english     ?
2   hesse       german      ?
3   trigonometrymath        ?
4   algebra     math        ?
5   whitman     english     ?

Previously I used course name as a primary key in courses and a foreign key in classes. Now I want to use the autonumber field course_id instead. What is a good way to make this transition?

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Your question is a little messed up compared to the tables you are presenting. What I understand is you have an autonumber field in courses named id. You want to store that in lessons in a field called course_id. If this is true then follow the following:

The easiest way would be to open the lessons table in design view. Add the course_id field to the table as a long integer and save. Then execute the following query:

UPDATE lessons
INNER JOIN courses ON courses.name = lessons.coursename
SET lessons.course_id = courses.id

Then open the lessons table in design view again and delete the coursename field.

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