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I'm using Mac Snow Lepord and can't find "~/.config/MonoDevelop/" for the life of me. I have MonoDevelop (v2.2.2) up and running already, but when I tried to set up a template the IDE started having problems.

Namely, whenever I went to Monodevelop -> preferences-> Code Templates I would get an error saying "Argument cannont be null".

I tried removing MonoDevelop from my Mac and re-installing but that doesn't appear to fix this problem so I thought if I could find the above folder maybe I could remove that. However I am not sure how to find it. I put the address directly into Mac's "finder" search box and no results were returned.

Can anyone help?

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The tidle ~ would normaly expand to your home directory, e.g. ~/foo.txt is /path/to/your_directory/foo.txt, depending on where 'home' is on any given system.

So, the file you are looking for is /Users/your_username/.config/MonoDevelop/ ...

Also, there are some shells / systems that simply do not support tidle expansion.

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~ expands to your home dir, this is true, but your home dir isn't necessarily /home/yourusername. For example, on OS X, it is usually /Users/yourshortusername – Logan Capaldo Apr 1 '10 at 1:40
@Logan: Doh, edited. Thanks. I actually read "Mac" several times, first cup of coffee. – Tim Post Apr 1 '10 at 2:03

Note: You are not going to see your .config directory in your user directory in finder unless you show hidden files. You are going to have to get there via bash in the Terminal.

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Since you are on a Mac, you'll actually have to go to ~/Library/Prefernces/MonoDevelop-2.x to do your install.

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That will be including a tilde up front... Not the root library! – tomsmeding Apr 26 '14 at 10:09

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