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I'm new to the VxWorks Environment are there any good sources of information out there?

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If your budget allows it, I would recommend taking one of the courses offered by WindRiver. My company brought in one of their trainers to teach a class on-site and it was excellent. They provided hands-on programming activities and a lot of information. If you are new to the concepts of real-time or embedded programming, they provided the necessary background information, and even if you were already familiar with these (as I was), there was plenty of useful training specific to VxWorks and Workbench. I believe they also organize their own courses, in addition to coming to companies. Course Schedule

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agreed; the vxworks way is sometimes a bit different to what you're used (depending where you come from). The courses give a lot of info so you'll know where to look when you encounter a problem. Depending on the number of developers you can consider to customize a training. I've done that and was happy with the result. This way you can fast-forward through the been-there-done-that parts. –  Adriaan Aug 6 '09 at 8:07

2 Books helped me:

  • Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems ISBN-10: 1578201241 ISBN-13: 978-1578201242 (Basic RT concepts, Common Patterns)

  • Tornado and VxWorks: What's not in the Manual ISBN-10: 3833410698 ISBN-13: 978-3833410697

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