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I have a Post Class and a Comment Class. I have a post object and want to convert it to a Comment object. I went through Rails api and found becomes(klass).For now there is not association between a Post and Comment. So i tried


but becomes method could not be found for @post object. Am i missing something ?

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I'm assuming you are talking about classes deriving from ActiveRecord::Base. In that case, I think you have two options if you really want to convert posts into comments (which seems a bit strange to me):

  • You can have just one class (e.g. Entry) with an attribute which marks it as a post or a comment, which you would set as appropriate
  • You could create and save a new comment object containing the text of the post object, and then delete the post object.
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I am trying to typecast objects. I defined a method for some class and some other class object also needed to access that method. I could also include it in a common helper, but i came across this and this dint work out as i thought. So wanted to know how it works. –  Alok Swain Apr 1 '10 at 6:27
Ok, in that case I think that for becomes to work Post has to inherit from Comment. As the documentation says, becomes is useful when you want an instance of a subclass to appear as an instance of a superclass. –  Alex Korban Apr 1 '10 at 7:03

Put the methods you want both models to use on a module. Then include that module in both models.

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Thanks. The solution is correct. Accepting the above answer as I got some accurate explanation to use becomes. :). Apologies for the delay! –  Alok Swain Jan 17 '11 at 9:52

Please note that becomes returns a new object but does not modify the existing object. You need to do the assignment yourself

@post = @post.becomes(Comment)

See the documentation ActiveRecord::Persistence#becomes

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