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I have a flaky Internet connection. I usually have various services running in my browser throughout the day, and I want to know when the Internet connection gets disconnected. For this, I'm trying to create a tiny script.

The Idea

The basic idea is to play a beep sound whenever the Internet connection goes offline; a different beep if it comes back online. This way, I can easily know the status of the Internet connection even when I'm away from my keyboard.

The code so far

Note that by "connected", I mean able to access google.com. I know this doesn't necessarily mean the Internet is up, but for now, this is acceptable. I use requests module to check if the connection is up:

import requests

def is_internet_up(url='http://www.google.com/', timeout=5):
        _ = requests.get(url, timeout=timeout)
        return True
    except requests.ConnectionError:
        print("No internet connection available.")
    return False

The Problem

How do I play the beep sound just once? For example, if the connection goes offline now, it should beep just once and only once. When the connection comes back online, it should play the other beep. Ideally, it should only make the beep if there's an update in the Internet connectivity status.

Right now, I'm running a cronjob every 1 minute to execute this script, but it keeps on beeping once there's an update in the connection status. What's the best way to handle this issue?

Note: I'm not looking for some code to copy-paste. I'm confused about how to preserve the status of the connection, so the beep isn't made twice. I only need the idea, and I'll implement it myself.

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@SylvainLeroux First paragraph of "The Problem" sums it up nicely. –  Scorpion_God Aug 30 at 16:19

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Instead of running the script every minute, run it once and do the repetition within the script, e.g. with a while loop, using a global variable to remember the state.

import time

def is_internet_up():

connected = True

while True:
    if connected != is_internet_up():
        connected = not connected
        if connected:
            # Beep 1
            # Beep 2

    time.sleep(5) # Wait for 5 seconds
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If I understand your question correctly:

import time

def pole():
    global status

    if is_internet_up() != status:
        status ^= 1
        if status:

status = False

while True:

Keep track of the status with a variable. Whenever the status is different from reality, update it, and play the appropriate beep. Here's a question regarding checking internet connectivity.

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