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I have an entry in my Informatica parameter file, it looks like this:


I would like to use sed to update the value inputfile20140801 to inputfile20140802

Earlier in the code I captured the value inputfile20140802 in a variable $fileName.

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This is an Informatica question. Post a more general one asking about editing text files with Bash scripts. –  Marek Grzenkowicz Aug 30 at 19:03

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Use the s (substitute) command like this:

sed -i 's/$FileName=.*\.csv/$FileName='"$fileName"'.csv/' input.file

Note that I've separated the variable $fileName in double quotes. This is because variables will not get expanded in a single quoted string in bash, but single quotes are the best choice for a sed program since it contains possibly many characters which would need to get escaped if we would use double quotes.

Btw, you'll need to learn about the sed commands if you want to use it.

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