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Why do Silverlight 4 Assemblys still have the version in Visual Studios Object Browser?

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Well I can't claim to know the exact reason for this, you would need someone from the SL team to state the reason categorically and I haven't seen any blogs from them doing that.

However I strongly suspect this is related to the fact that there is still only one Silverlight plugin, that is to say when a user installs the Silverlight 4 plugin it replaces the existing one. The Silverlight 4 plugin will run not only Silverlight 4 apps but also Silverlight 3 and 2 apps. As a consequence Silverlight 2 apps will be looking for libraries and that certain issues are avoided if the later versions simply use the same version number.

Of course I could be way off and hope that if I am an MS geezer come and shoot this down, in the process of which giving us the real answer.

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Because it needs to reference the System.Core

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But the System.Core for Silverlight 4 is different to the System.Core for Silverlight 3. – Sven Sönnichsen Apr 1 '10 at 9:20

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