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In a standard setup of Parent Child relation, lets say Project and Task. Where a Project is made up of lots of Tasks. So in a standard RDB, we have a

Project (ID, Name, Deadline) Task (ID, FK_To_Project, Name, Description, isCompleted)

this is all very straight forward.

We have an MVC View that views Projects, so we get a nice list of all the project Names next to each deadline.

Now we want to CREATE a new PROJECT.

The Edit view opens, we type a name, say, 'Make a cup of Tea', with tomorrow as the deadline!

Still in this view/web page, I would like a list of all the Child Tasks, in a standard list, with Edit, Delete, and a Create/Add Task button too, just below the 'parent table' details.

The simplest way to describe this, is the Parents Table Create/Edit view, with the Childes List View Below it.

1) The ideal solution will also allow my Child Table (Tasks) to have Children also (for more complex scenarios) , and so on, and on, and on.

2) If I navigate away from my Created Project, I don’t want all sorts of random stuff laying around, they went away, it’s gone!

3) I’d expect all the same functionality when Editing an existing project.

I’m struggling with the ‘Add New Child’, I had a model dialog (jquery) and all was well, but now when editing an existing child/task, I need to populate the Child Edit, which is a pain and will need loads of java script I think :(

How can this be achieved in MVC, does anybody have any examples?

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I know this is a very late reply, but I've posted a screenshot of my first MVC project which seems to deal with exactly the same Parent - Child relationship and presentation style that you are describing. See if the is what you are shooting for.

Screenshot: http://twitpic.com/1937o4/full

If so, let me know if you still need help building this kind of app, and I'll help you get started. It's really not that hard. I used LinqToSql for my data access, and the rest was pretty easy after I did a little digging around.

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Hi Matt,yes that looks like the same type of data. In the end, I've just used a inner join using Date and time where available, but when I get the data, I have to do a lookup to find the 'new' FK Id to put in the child & grand child tables. Which means the data for Parent, and Child still needs to contain the 'old' ID, but that is ok. –  adudley Oct 14 '10 at 15:09
Thanks for posting back :) –  adudley Oct 14 '10 at 15:09
Just noticed that repsonse actualy belongs to a differnt question.... sorry. It's ok nowMat, yes we just used linqtosql to resolve with MVC. Thanks for the reply. –  adudley Oct 15 '10 at 12:16
Hey @Matt, I'm trying to do something similar to what you've done so if you could give some pointers as to how you did it I'd appreciate it..thnx –  Ciaran Bruen Aug 22 '11 at 12:53

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