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Does Google App Engine support PHP?

I mean can I put my PHP projects there so that they are executable there?

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We just announced PHP support at Google I/O. Go here for the documentation and here to sign up to have an app whitelisted.

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Nice video you did. Just wrote a little quick review and some comments, and maybe you can share where to report issues (see the iconv/domdocument problem). – hakre May 18 '13 at 14:36
Thanks for the post - nice write up. Add your extension list to our issue tracker (… for example) and add Language-PHP to the tags and I'll do my best. – Stuart Langley May 18 '13 at 15:51

Not directly, but apparently indirectly through the Java support using Quercus. It's not clear, though, whether that really is a viable replacement. I would want to test this very thoroughly before running any production software that way.

Make sure you read all the feedback in the related SO question: Is Quercus a viable replacement for PHP in Java environments?

A Blog entry with Installation instructions is here.

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Newer package to install PHP on GAE can be found from:

Tutorials and tips about using OpenID and OAuth can be found from same place.

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According to this bug: Google just announced direct support for PHP in GAE.

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Google App Engine (GAE) is open for everyone officially

Continue reading on "Google App Engine (GAE) PHP tutorial in windows. Getting started with hello world example. GAE development and deployment" at

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