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How do I build an Action action in a loop? to explain (sorry it's so lengthy)

I have the following:

public interface ISomeInterface {
    void MethodOne();
    void MethodTwo(string folder);

public class SomeFinder : ISomeInterface 
{ // elided 

and a class which uses the above:

public Map Builder.BuildMap(Action<ISomeInterface> action, 
                            string usedByISomeInterfaceMethods) 
    var finder = new SomeFinder();

I can call it with either of these and it works great:

var builder = new Builder();

var map = builder.BuildMap(z => z.MethodOne(), "IAnInterfaceName");
var map2 = builder(z =>
                   }, "IAnotherInterfaceName");

How can I build the second implementation programmatically? i.e.,

List<string> folders = new { "folder1", "folder2", "folder3" };
folders.ForEach(folder =>
                 /* do something here to add current folder to an expression
                  so that at the end I end up with a single object that would
                  look like:
                  builder.BuildMap(z => {
                                   }, "IYetAnotherInterfaceName");

I've been thinking I need an

Expression<Action<ISomeInterface>> x 

or something similar, but for the life of me, I'm not seeing how to construct what I want. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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It's really easy, because delegates are already multicast:

Action<ISomeInterface> action1 = z => z.MethodOne();
Action<ISomeInterface> action2 = z => z.MethodTwo("relativeFolderName");
builder.BuildMap(action1 + action2, "IAnotherInterfaceName");

Or if you've got a collection of them for some reason:

IEnumerable<Action<ISomeInterface>> actions = GetActions();
Action<ISomeInterface> action = null;
foreach (Action<ISomeInterface> singleAction in actions)
    action += singleAction;

Or even:

IEnumerable<Action<ISomeInterface>> actions = GetActions();
Action<ISomeInterface> action = (Action<ISomeInterface>)
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Thanks for the quick response! I'm trying this out now, but it looks good so far. –  JohnKeller Apr 1 '10 at 11:04
That did the trick, thank you! A great reminder to think of the simple solutions first! –  JohnKeller Apr 1 '10 at 11:44

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