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I want to use the snippet macro in my maven site documentation in order to allow for testing of my examples code snippets with JUnit. But I don't want Eclipse to show the red "there is a build error" marker for all of my projects (which it does since m2eclipse does not recognize the snippet macro). I do want maven dependency management to be enabled for the projects in Eclipse, so disabling the maven integration completely is not an option. Moving to a different IDE is not an option either since I cannot force all of my coworkers to switch from Eclipse as well.

I would like a solution to either:

  • Make the Doxia integration in (m2)Eclipse recognize or ignore the snippet macro
  • Make Eclipse ignore errors in apt files altogether
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Uninstalling the Doxia support is one solution.

Under the Help menu, click "Install new software", then "Already installed". Select the "Maven Doxia" bundle and click "Uninstall...".

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If anyone can find a solution that would enable me to keep using the Doxia support that would be better, since I quite liked to be able to preview the document right there in Eclipse. –  thobe Apr 1 '10 at 12:39

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