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Can we use the fact that 11*11=121,111*111=12321 and so on..? I tried this- N=input("enter number of rows"

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You can do in a lot of ways, but you need to show some code(effort) so we can help you. –  Kobi K Sep 1 at 9:39
I would say don't speculate just do it. –  user568109 Sep 1 at 9:40
Yes, you can use that relationship to get the value for each line, then you just need to figure out how to get the appropriate formatting. –  jonrsharpe Sep 1 at 9:46
@jonrsharpe how do we write that code –  user166748 Sep 1 at 10:03
This isn't a code-writing service. Python has a tutorial, I suggest you start there. –  jonrsharpe Sep 1 at 10:05

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You can use the following code:

def upanddown(n):
    return range(1, n) + range(n, 0, -1)

def triangle(rows):
    for num in xrange(1, rows + 1):
        print ' '.join(map(str, upanddown(num))).center(rows * 4 - 3)

rows = input("Number of rows: ")


Number of rows: 4
    1 2 1    
  1 2 3 2 1  
1 2 3 4 3 2 1
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I provided the code, try at least to understand how to use it.. you have to invoke triangle(4) –  enrico.bacis Sep 1 at 20:50
@user166748 you don't need the columns, just invoke triangle(rows) –  enrico.bacis Sep 1 at 20:58
@user166748 I mean that you should learn how to walk before trying to run. Check the edit ;) –  enrico.bacis Sep 1 at 21:02
@user166748 When you use def something(arguments): you are defining a function, in order to execute the code inside that you have to invoke the function passing some argument. That's done using the function name followed by parentheses wrapping the arguments. So triangle(rows) means that you want to execute the code inside triangle using rows as argument. In your case rows is 4, so inside the function the variable rows will be 4. Try to check these resources –  enrico.bacis Sep 1 at 21:08
ahh...understood. will surely go through the resources also –  user166748 Sep 1 at 21:14

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