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Is there a way to export all of TFS 2008 Groups and Permissions for an Audit?

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+1 This is a fantastic question... just what I'm looking for today. – Saul Dolgin Aug 16 '10 at 15:24

I looked at the TFS Permissions Manager mentioned in another answer and couldn't easily figure out how to use this for an audit of user permissions. That said I looked around and found a few other possible tools to help in this process:

  1. Team Foundation Server Administration Tool - This can be used to produce a list of TFS groups, users & permissions on a per project basis. The utility uses a grid control to display the results and this can easily be copied and pasted into Excel, etc.
  2. TFS Project Audit - This tool generates output in an indented text format. It too works on a per project basis however it lists the output grouped by TFS role.

I think both of the options I mention are more recently maintained than the TFS Permission Manager at the time of this writing. Also, keep in mind that for purposes of a security audit I believe that the local & domain administrators groups in Windows Server have the ability to override any of the TFS permissions (at least with TFS 2008).

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I'm the guy who wrote TFS Project Audit and I'd like to clarify a few things about my tool. First, it works on a project basis for TFS 2008 or a collection basis for 2010. It can report on a specific collection or all collections on a TFS server. These are enhancements I made in the newest version, released only a few days ago. Also, the output can be restricted to a specific group, Project Administrators, for example, across a project, collection, or the entire server.

I am always soliciting but rarely receiving feedback on this pet project of mine, so please feel free to leave suggestions for future releases! I have plenty of ideas in mind but it would help to know where my time is best spent, because this projectis hardly all I do with my days.

To prove it is really me, I'll give Saul a shout at Thanks a lot Saul!

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