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I have two tables, deals and participants. The deals table has the following fields [entity name, contact person, email] and the participants table has the following fields [participant name and phone].

Basically, what I want to do is be able to create a list box where I can select multiple entity names to drill down into the contact person's details. Note here, contact person on the deals table would be one of the participants in my participants tables. Now the problem here is that each entity name has multiple contact persons listed together in one field. Eg., Entity name: GFM, Contact Person: Eric and Greg, Email: eric@xxx and greg@xxx.

I could create a subform had it been a simple linking of the deal with each participant. For eg., if I click the entity name "GFM", I want my subform to show me the deal's contact person first; In this case both, Eric and Greg. On the click event of the contact person, I then want it to pull up additional information on both the participants, Eric and Greg; In this case, it would be their name and phone # from the participant's table. Problem here is that I have two participants listed together for GFM all in one field.

Another problem is that like Eric is the contact person for GFM here, he is also an entity by himself; So when I have a deal/entity name "Eric" I want it to link it to the contact persons of that specific deal and then be able to dig down a level more into their contact information.

How do I solve this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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