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I had this problem when I created a Window (Smartgwt) and put a DynamicForm (Smartgwt) in this Window, In this DynamicForm, I have a CanvasItem (Smartgwt) in which I put a RichTextArea (GWT). And when I press "ESC", I can quit the Window (Smartgwt) without probleme. But when I press "F5" to refresh my application, the browser pops up a exception saying "". To solve this problem, I do the following:

public class MailWindow extends Window {
    public MailWindow(){
    this.addCloseClickHandler(new CloseClickHandler() {  
            public void onCloseClick(CloseClientEvent event) {

Which solved my problem! :)


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Thanks for posting this. We'll try to incorporate the logic in SmartGWT itself so that you don't need to explicitly call removeFromParent()

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Thank you Sanjiv Jivan! – Kewei Apr 3 '10 at 10:34

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