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I am trying to use Swift Mailer for my emails but doesnot seem to be working fine. I have tested the SMTP connection using telnet command and it seems to be working fine as I am getting "220" as the response.

telnet smtp.server.com 25

Also, I tried checking the connection with another PHP script and getting a success message in return:

$f = fsockopen('smtp.server.com', 25) ;
if ($f !== false) {
    $res = fread($f, 1024) ;

   if (strlen($res) > 0 && strpos($res, '220') === 0) {
       echo "Success!" ;
    else {
        echo "Error: " . $res ;
fclose($f) ;

However the same configuration does not work with Swift mailer. Below is the code

require_once 'lib/swift_required.php';

// Create the Transport
$transport = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance('smtp.server.com', 25)

$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transport);

// Create a message
$message = Swift_Message::newInstance('SMTP Test Message')
    ->setFrom(array('username@test.com' => 'John Doe'))
    ->setTo(array('receiver@test.com' => 'A name'))
    ->setBody('SMTP Test Message');

// Send the message
$result = $mailer->send($message);

Please do let me know how can I test it further.

Thank you.

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