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Has anyone seen any image deskew algorithms in c#? I have found:

but unfortunately, it doesn't do very much for images without text. I am specifically trying to auto deskew an image of a book with solid edges, but minimal text.

Has anyone seen anything that may be able to do this?

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The algorithm there seems fine... just get a bunch of lines, find the line that satisfies color at (x,y) is <book color> and color at (x,y+1) is <background color>, and deskew based on that line. – Tanzelax Apr 1 '10 at 17:35
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The basic algorithm is to use a Hough transform to find the lines and then try to make most of the lines horizontal. Here's some basic code

For your situation, you might want to target the transform at a piece of the image you know might have the best information. For example if there's a page border -- I'd need to see an example to give better advice.

Disclaimer, I work at Atalasoft.

Our DotImage toolkit has it built in for .NET and is runtime royalty-free for desktop applications. Code would be:

 AtalaImage img = new AtalaImage("imagefile.tif");
 AutoDeskewCommand cmd = new AutoDeskewCommand();
 AtalaImage resultImage = cmd.Apply(img).Image;
 resultImage.Save("result.tif", new TiffEncoder(), null);

Or something similar for multipage or other types of images.

We show how to integrate it with our viewer control in this video (at 1:14)

The videos are part of a series of building a document scanning application:

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If you post a sample image, I will run it through our code and let you know how it works. – Lou Franco Apr 1 '10 at 19:19

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