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OK, I'm using the following:

TinyMCE, CodeIgniter, and the TinyMCE Ajax File Manager. I can upload correctly and it looks pretty good. However, when I view the HTML (from TinyMCE), this is what I get.

<img src="../../../data/page/verde_enfemera.jpg" alt="" />

What I need to be getting is the following:

<img src="http://localhost/http/data/page/verde_enfemera.jpg" alt="" />

Can someone help?

EDIT: I changed the code in the HTML editor of Tinymce, then I saved it. When I re-opened it, the code was reverted back to the original "../.../../data", etc. please, help, someone.

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insert convert_urls : false

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Change the "relative_urls : true" to "relative_urls : false" under the options for tinymce. I'm a dummy.

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Force TinyMCE to use absolute urls instead of relative urls by setting relative_urls, remove_script_host and convert_urls to false in the tinymce.init like this:


    relative_urls : false,
    remove_script_host : false,
    convert_urls : false,

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