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I wrote a simple mapping-script for a Database with around 5M of documents. The find-statement finds all documents when i run it standalone (so it can't be that). The script also ends as expected, no error message thrown. But here's the point - it ends to soon. After about 200k documents and my question is: why?

function performMapping (connectionInputDB, connectionOutputDB) {
    var collectionInput = connectionInputDB.collection(config.input.collection),
        collectionOutput = connectionOutputDB.collection(config.output.collection),

        successCounter = 0,
        errorCounter = 0,

        cursor = collectionInput.find({ 'changed': { '$gte': config.min } }),

        onNextObject = function (error, obj) {
            var mappedObject;

            if(error) {

            if(obj === null) {
                console.log('Success:', successCounter);
                console.log('Error:', errorCounter);
                console.log('Time:', (new Date().getTime() - startTime) / 1000);

            try {
                mappedObject = mapScript(obj);
                    { 'meta.identkey': mappedObject.meta.identkey },
                    { upsert: true }, 
                    function (error) {
                        if(error) {
                            console.log('Error:', error);
                            errorCounter += 1;

                        successCounter += 1;


            } catch(ex) {
                console.log('Error:',, ex);
                errorCounter += 1;


I think nextObject doesn't work as expected. And the strangest part of it: its always a different amount of successful inserts/updates.

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What does the console.log output look like? – JohnnyHK Sep 2 '14 at 13:45
Some error messages (as expected): Error: null [TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null] But it ends as expected (but to early): Success: 32046 Error: 146 Time: 4959.136 – Thomas Schorn Sep 2 '14 at 13:49
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Okay, I think i found the answer: nextObject is not reliable. When the cursor is paused it maybe returns some empty responses before starting again returning documents. So if I use something like this:

if(obj === null) {

it will stop unexpected. Source:

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