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Given some arbitrary SQL I would like to get the data types of the returned columns. The statement might join many tables, views, TVFs, etc. I know I could create a view based on the query and get the datatypes from that, hoping there's a quicker way. Only think I've been able to think of is writing a .net utility to run the SQL and examine the results, wondering if there is a TSQL answer.


Given (not real tables just an example)

SELECT p.Name AS PersonName, p.Age, a.Account as AccountName
FROM Person as p
LEFT JOIN Account as a
    ON p.Id = a.OwnerId

I would like to have something like

PersonName: (nvarchar(255), not null)

Age: (smallInt, not null)


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@HLGEM I need to create some tables in a data mart that match the schema of some queries in the source systems. – Christopherous 5000 Apr 1 '10 at 22:10

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    /*you may have to alias some columns if they are not unique*/
    /*EDIT: added fix for 2byte nchar/nvarchar */
    SELECT top (1)  /*<your query columns here>*/ 
    INTO #tmp99
    /*<rest of your query here>*/

    SELECT 'CREATE TABLE [tablename]('  UNION ALL 
    + CHAR(13) + '[' + + '] [' + + ']' 
    + CASE WHEN c.system_type_id IN (165,167,173,175) 
           THEN CASE WHEN c.max_length <> -1
                     THEN '(' + CAST(c.max_length AS varchar(7)) + ')' 
                     ELSE '(max)' 
           WHEN c.system_type_id IN (231,239) 
           THEN CASE WHEN c.max_length <> -1 
                     THEN '(' + CAST(c.max_length/2 AS varchar(7)) + ')' 
                     ELSE '(max)' END
               CASE WHEN c.system_type_id IN (41,42,43) 
                    THEN '(' + CAST(c.scale AS varchar(7)) + ')'
                        CASE WHEN c.system_type_id IN (106,108) 
                             THEN '(' + CAST(c.precisiON AS varchar(7)) + ',' + CAST(c.scale AS varchar(7)) + ')'
                             ELSE ''

    + CASE WHEN c.is_nullable = 1 THEN ' NULL' ELSE ' NOT NULL' END 

    FROM tempdb.sys.columns c
    JOIN tempdb..sysobjects o ON (c.object_id =
    JOIN tempdb.sys.types t ON (t.user_type_id = c.user_type_id)
    WHERE LIKE '#tmp99%' 
    FOR XML PATH('')

    DROP TABLE #tmp99
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That's pretty neat, seems to work well. Only issue I noticed is that the length is incorrect for double-byte fields (i.e. nvarchar(255) becomes nvarchar(510) ), so I just added another case for system_type_id IN (231,239) where I divide the length by two. – Christopherous 5000 Apr 2 '10 at 16:03
I'll fix it this weekend. I threw it together fairly quickly so hopefully it will at least give you a good start on what you need – Scot Hauder Apr 2 '10 at 18:44
Thanks Scot, I just added the below and removed 231 and 239 from the first case, so it's working well for me. WHEN c.system_type_id IN (231,239) THEN CASE WHEN c.max_length <> -1 THEN '(' + CAST(c.max_length/2 AS varchar(7)) + ')' ELSE '(max)' END – Christopherous 5000 Apr 2 '10 at 19:57

i tried to achieve this aim, but it turned too hard. Let me tell how i approached it. I took SQL parser: and C#. Then tried to analyze text. For simple queries it is ok, but soon it gets too compilated. The idea about view looks much simpler.

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