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I'm trying to connect from my ms windows 7 via the odbc administrator to a remote sybase sqlanywhere 11 database server.

But I get not connection, I'm not sure which configure option I have to specify.

server-name = ip address of remote database server?

startline ?

portnummer ?

Thank you, best regards, Alex

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By default the SQL Anywhere server process dbsrv#.exe listens for incoming connections on port 2638.

Make sure your firewall allows outbound connections to that port.

Assuming you have a database running on your server as follows:

-x tcpip
-n my_server_name
"[DIR]\database_main_file.db" -n my_database_name

The server will broadcast on the tcp/ip layer on the default port (2638) under the name "my_server_name" and the database will be accessible under the name "my_database_name" via ODBC

Creating an ODBC entry for your new database to connect from a client (adjust for Windows 7)


There are other parameters available for LINKS (HOST, etc). Take a look at http://dcx.sybase.com/index.html#1101en/dbadmin_en11/da-using-tcpip.html

I've seen some rare issues with UDP broadcast packets. See the docs at http://dcx.sybase.com/1101en/dbadmin_en11/broadcastlistener-connection-conparm.html and check with your network administrator.

You can also use the dbping.exe utility to troubleshoot networking issues.

BTW, you may want to cross-post your question at http://sqla.stackexchange.com. It's full of SQL Anywhere buffs

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Thank you very much, that work. Alex –  Alex Apr 1 '10 at 19:39

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