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I realize that there are numerous questions regarding XCode 6 beta 6 and its crashing of SourceKitService, but so far none of these answers have quite applied to my problem. SourceKitService does indeed crash, but only when I include the Parse SDK into my Bridging-Header. When I remove #include <Parse/Parse.h> from the bridging header, syntax highlighting returns to normal and all is good, minus the resulting errors from Parse not being present. While I haven't seen any other threads with a problem like this, I'm curious as to whether anyone else is experiencing such a problem. From my understanding, Parse is a relatively widely-used framework and I can't imagine that nobody else is having this trouble.

Thanks for your help, as this is my first post on StackOverflow, I apologize in advance for any faux-pas I may have committed. ^_^

Edit: I might also add that when I include #include <Parse/Parse.h> in the bridging header, despite crashing SourceKitService, the program compiles correctly and works as intended.

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How are you adding the Parse framework to your app? –  Dehli Sep 2 at 16:36
I took Parse.framework, Bolts.framework, and ParseFacebookUtils.framework and dragged them into the navigator sidebar in XCode. They appear (along with all of the other dependency frameworks listed on the Parse Quickstart Page under my Supporting Files group. Bolts, Parse, and ParseFacebookUtils all appear in the "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" tab in the general app settings. Parse is then bridged using #include <Parse/Parse.h> in the Projectname-Bridging-Header.h file. –  Chris Martin Sep 2 at 16:45
Well Xcode beta 7 was released today. Why don't you try the newest version? –  Dehli Sep 2 at 18:03
Downloading now! Posted this before they released. –  Chris Martin Sep 2 at 20:53
Let me know of the results, please. –  Dehli Sep 2 at 20:54

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