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Am curently looking at the jqgrid documentation on advanced search and specifically search_adv.php file that comes with it.

I have noted the following line of code

$searchstr = Strip($_REQUEST['filters']);

However when I look at the output on firebug of my jqgrid post I see

_search         true
nd              1270148130165
page            1
rows            10
searchField     income_types_desc
searchOper      eq
searchString    5
sidx            income_types_desc
sord            asc

Where on earth is the "filter" param?

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The filter param is used when you perform an advanced (allowMultiple:true) search. It ends up containing a JSON object, which looks something like this:

filters = 
       {"field":"name","op":"bw","data":"Client 3"}


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Thanks alot.It really took me time to figure this thing out –  davykiash Apr 9 '10 at 5:52

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