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I need to push a UIViewController into another one, the one that will pushed has size 320 width,300 height.

When I try to push, neither pushViewController:animated nor presentViewController:animated:completion: pushes on to whole page.

I have reached my goal by view containment, but it is not a good practice for me.

What other methods i can apply?

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If you're trying to push a view controller onto another one, you should probably be using a Navigation Controller. I'm kind of unsure as to if this is something you have thought of, but a UINavigationController would be ideal in this case, because it would allow you to push/pop your view controllers on/off the stack.

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Usage of UINavigationController does not matter, the important point is pushing 320*300 sized viewcontroller on to another's specific place – erdemgc Sep 3 '14 at 6:21

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