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My php reads in xml and I want to ouput the values within a given range. I have no way of knowing the size of the array or the range. However, I do know where to start; I have a $key that holds my current location. I also know where to stop; I have the word "ENDEVENTS" between each set. I want to get the values from my current position ($key) to my end position ("ENDEVENTS").

for example i may have an array set like this:


My code knows when I'm on 15 (in this example $key=5). I want to print 6 through 9. I tried using foreach but it's thats causing issues with what I'm trying to produce.

Any ideas?

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Not so sure if i understood all ok but, ill give a try :-D

    echo array[$key];
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shows the first value but I think I figure out how to get rid of it. –  dcp3450 Apr 1 '10 at 20:45

Not entirely sure if I understand your question, but maybe this is helpful:

$stuff_to_print = array_slice($my_array,$key,array_search('ENDEVENTS',$my_array));

This should return an array with key values from the $key to the next 'ENDEVENTS' value

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