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Say I put an executable tcsh file in /path/to/my_script.csh

and my current directory is anywhere, for example I'm in /path

So I type to/my_script.csh

I want to have a line in my_script.csh that will return "/path/to/my_script.csh" - like ruby's

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If you want to ensure the same result (full path and script name) try something like this:

rootdir=`/bin/dirname $0`       # may be relative path
rootdir=`cd $rootdir && pwd`    # ensure absolute path
zero=$rootdir/`/bin/basename $0`
echo $zero

Then you can call it as foo.sh, ./foo.sh, some/lower/dir/foo.sh and still get the same result no matter how it is called.

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Thanks! Work really well. –  Julian Mann Jan 5 '12 at 4:02
echo "I am $0."
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In c shell, try like this:

set rootdir = `dirname $0`
set abs_rootdir = `cd $rootdir && pwd`
echo $abs_rootdir
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Thanks for saving me the translation. It's odd that the questioner seemingly wanted csh, and accepted sh syntax. –  stevesliva Feb 11 at 18:56

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