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Is it possible to draw a gradient in a path on the iPhone?

I'm looking for a replacement of the mac os x method

-(void)drawInBezierPath:(NSBezierPath *)path relativeCenterPosition:(NSPoint)relativeCenterPosition of NSGradient.
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I think something like this will work:

CGContextAddPath(c, path);

// make a gradient
CGColorRef colors[] = { topColor, bottomColor };
CFArrayRef colorsArr = CFArrayCreate(NULL, (const void**)colors, sizeof(colors) / sizeof(CGColorRef), &kCFTypeArrayCallBacks);

CGColorSpaceRef colorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB();
CGGradientRef gradient = CGGradientCreateWithColors(colorSpace, colorsArr, NULL);

//  Draw a linear gradient from top to bottom
CGPoint start = ...
CGPoint end = ...
CGContextDrawLinearGradient(c, gradient, start, end, 0);

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Thx a lot Todd! I already had the same code, but I forgot the CGContextClip after the CGContextAddPath .... –  catlan Apr 3 '10 at 17:06
I'm trying to understand this code but "colors" is declared twice with different types. I'm not sure which one was being used in the subsequent calls. –  progrmr Apr 17 '10 at 1:01
progrmr, it's typo, should be: CGColorRef colorRef[] = { topColor, bottomColor }; CFArrayRef colors = CFArrayCreate(NULL, (const void**)colorRef, sizeof(colorRef) / sizeof(CGColorRef), &kCFTypeArrayCallBacks); –  digdog Oct 8 '10 at 21:27
Is there anything else missing from this code? I can't get it to work for me. –  juggleware Jan 25 '11 at 22:51
Addendum: I posted my non-working code to stackoverflow.com/questions/4799882/… –  juggleware Jan 25 '11 at 23:09

Yes, I think so if I understand your question. It is a bit involved but here is a good example of doing it:


This is done with Cocoa and not Cocoa Touch but it translates with everything bu NSColor. You have to use UIColor instead. Basically, you have to create a gradient function and then use:


to determine the value of your gradient.

Or are you wanting to have a line with a gradient?

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