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I am working with a team that works on a very large software project, we have tons of Documentation that is written in MS WORD format with nohyperlinked indexes, no search ability. Everyday we waste our time trying to find the exact document or reference.

I was thinking if there was way or even a professional tool that would convert all this into a wiki format and maybe with a little manual (painful) help be organised into something that improves the accessibility. I use Google Desktop Search to make my life a little easier but its not the best solution

I just want to know if any of you faced similar problems and possible solutions to this issue.

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Confluence wiki lets you import Word documents. I've been told it's a really good wiki with a lot of features.

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Don't know about tools to convert MS Word to a Wiki, but if you save your documentation in ODF (The XML format from OpenDocument) it should be possible to import the documents in your own program, or transform them using XSL, and output them in Wiki format.

In the process you can try to guess some links based on string matching.

The difficult part, in a team used to write documentation in a word processor (without even using word processing basic features like indexes, table of contents and hyperlinks), is to convince them to use another system that is not a typewriter.

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Open Source: Trac Wiki

The Trac Wiki system is a popular open source option. There's even a thread on another Stack Exchange site about converting Word documents into the Track Wiki format. Some large scale or notable users of Trac include Red Hat, Django, Handbrake and SourceForge.

Commercial: Confluence

Confluence is another popular option, as mentioned by Alex Korban. A good example of a large-scale use of it is the Application Server 7 community documentation of software company JBoss.

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