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If I set up a central Mercurial Repository where certain people are allowed to push to it, what convenient way can I monitor the changes going into that repository?

I'm used to using SVN-Monitor for Subversion. It runs in the task-bar and lets me know whenever something new has been checked in to the repository.

Is there a similar solution for Mercurial ?

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This tool looks like it might be what you're after.

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Use a RSS feed monitor and point it to the repo's atom/RSS feed (found in the web interface).

Something like this should do nicely:

Alternately you could set up a changegroup hook on the repo to be watched and have it trigger something on your system, but polling is probably okay for this.

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If you are currently using TeamCity or looking for a Continuous Integration solution:

TeamCity has various apps/plugins like a VisualStudio plugin and Windows TrayIcon for build notifications. You set up a project in TeamCity to build when someone commits to the repository. When someone commits it triggers a build, which will send a notification to you. A bonus is that it tells you if the build succeeded or failed ==> {good code or bad code}

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Been giving HgAssist a try it works pretty well.

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