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hi i'm having a problem with sharepoint web part so i want to call message box everytime user input is wrong so for example if user input password more than 15 than there will be message box that says"Password lenght max 15" when i wrote Messagebox.show("Password lenght max 15") it works fine,but if i try to fill password more than 15 than it return error that says sharepoint cannot support message box so i'm wondering if there's a way to use message box in sharepoint any help will be appreciated FYI i put the Messagebox.show in my save button click thank you sorry if my english are bad

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Messagebox = Forms (e.g. desktop application), something totally different. This is not really SharePoint related. To show an alert, you need javascript, e.g. alert('Test'). –  Boland Sep 4 '14 at 0:15

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Message box is not supported in ASP.NET Application so similar in Sharepoint.

SharePoint Support MessageDialog.


If you want to open through server side, then you need to create JS function and call it through C# or as below

hyperLink.NavigateUrl = "javascript:SP.UI.ModalDialog.ShowPopupDialog('" + url + "')";

You can send proper string as well using options.

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