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I have an issue with SQL insert for oracle database in excel VBA. I realize the excel is not the best method, but due to the nature of the issue I have no choice. The issue is that no VBA variable is able to hold more than 255 characters. The insert statement for the SQL is longer than this. I was able to do the update by breaking it into parts and executing the different fields separately but the same thing can't be done for insert statements. Is there a trick I am unaware of to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance, and notify if you need more information.

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You can concatenate the string variable type to itself allowing more than 255 characters by doing this:

strText = "This is the first line"
strText = strText & "This is the second line"

Note that as you're writing SQL that you need to make sure that the spaces appear in the correct places.

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It was so easy I'm embarrassed... –  Clint L Sep 3 '14 at 16:12

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