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Please tell me, how to apply CSS on javascript Alert. Thanks

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You cannot. alert() simply shows a native message box, so it'll look however the OS makes it look.

In general, you shouldn't be using alert boxes because they are annoying and they block the entire browser.* You could always create a fake alert box with JavaScript that achieves the same effect. You could then style it however you want with normal CSS. If you use jQuery, there's SimpleModal (demos).

* Modern browsers tend to only block the window that spawned the alert, but they're still annoying and you still shouldn't use them. :)

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No you can't do that. I would suggest you either let it be, or use a modal window. You can also try using modal/dialog plugins e.g.

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It is not possible, or else people will use it to phish.

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you might want to check jConfirm (jQuery plugin)

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