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Should we do this or argue that certain audit requirements shouldn't force us to write excessive documentations?

What are your views?

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First, go back to the original specifications for the audit requirements, and read it for yourself. You may find that the level of the documentation required is far less than you currently think. I have noticed that there tends to be scope creep in the claims of how much documentation is required, as people read secondary sources.

Then consider what the customers require. If there is a large set of customers that mandate that you have (for example) ISO 9001 accreditation, or if the law requires it, then sorry, you have to suck it up and get on with it. Sure there may be a need for an education campaign to show those customers - or those governments - that the accreditation isn't helpful, but unless you want to tackle that major task, try to make it as painless as possible for you now.

Oh, and keep an open mind. That documentation may actually be useful to you. Keep in mind how you can make is as helpful as possible as you comply.

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What kind of audit are you talking about? Some audit requirements are based on local law, so you don't have any choice.

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