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I would like to create an XML data source for a WPF project in VS2012.

In this article (, it says there should be (at least) two ways of creating an XML data source in VS2012 for WPF projects: 1) Drag an XML file onto the Data panel, and 2) Click "Create data source/Define New XML Data Source."

I create a new WPF application project. Try the first method - I can't drop an XML file onto the data panel. (I assume this means the "Data Sources" panel - right?) Try the second method - when I "Add New Data Source", the only options given in the "Data Source Configuration Wizard" are "Database/Service/Object/SharePoint." No XML option.

It looks this exact issue was raised in XML Data Source Connection in Visual Studio 2012 but never answered. I also find absolutely nothing in MSDN.

Any ideas?

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How do you want to use this data? Just for design-time? – Nzc Sep 4 '14 at 7:44
No, this is an application that will download a number (sometimes many) XML files each day, and the objective is to transfer the XML data to a SQL Server db. Right now I'm looking for the best (i.e. easiest) way of parsing the XML files, and using them as XML data sources seemed a reasonable thing to look at. – Brian Bell Sep 6 '14 at 20:25

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