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A quick question to delegates. Lets say, CLASSA has a delegate defined:

@protocol MyDelegate
   -(void) didFinishUploading;

In CLASSB I create an instance of CLASS A

-(void) doPost { 
    CLASSA *uploader = [[CLASSA alloc] init];
    uploader.delegate = self;  // this means CLASSB has to implement the delegate; 

and also in CLASSB:

-(void)didFinishUploding {

So when do I have to release the uploader? Because when I release it in doPost, it is not valid anymore in didFinishUploading.


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Instead of creating CLASSA instance in doPost method. It is better to create CLASSA *uploader = [[CLASSA alloc] init]; in the init method and release uploader in dealloc.

make uploader as member variable.

    -(id) init
        self = [super init];
          uploader = [[CLASSA alloc] init];
          uploader.delegate = self;

        retrurn self;

    -(void) doPost 

       uploader.delegate = nil;
       //your code

    -(void) dealloc
       [uploader release];
       [super dealloc];
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i figured out that it is also a good idea to set the class.delegate no nil when releasing it –  SteMa Apr 26 '10 at 8:52

Release it in didFinishUploding. Put CLASSA * uploader in the instance variables of CLASSB to allow for that.

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