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I'm trying to experiment with xampp. After having some space issues, I wanted to move my xampp install onto another drive (d:). However I have the apache 2.2 services in XP services which are still pointing to my original c: install. I only see how to start and stop. I'm hoping just removing the service will fix my issues.

So the question is two-part 1) how do i remove the service 2) based on this info can i simply reinstall afterwards to get the services running?


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In a command prompt execute:

sc delete service

Where service be Apache and mysql.

Then go into your xampp control panel and check the little svc boxes. That will make them services again.

Be sure to run the "setup_xampp.bat" script in the root of your xampp server! You must do this each time your servers change directory (this feature is useful if you put your servers on a USB drive).

Good luck :)

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