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I am iterating through the table rows . if the row row is null I just want to remove the row. it shows an error

 Public Sub RemoveBlankRow(ByVal MyDataTable As DataTable)
            Dim MyRowStr As String = String.Empty
            For Each MyRow As DataRow In MyDataTable.Rows
                MyRowStr = ""
                For Each MyCellText As Object In MyRow.ItemArray
                    MyRowStr = MyRowStr + MyCellText.ToString
                MyRowStr = Replace(MyRowStr, "0", " ")
                MyRowStr = Replace(MyRowStr, ".", " ")
                If MyRowStr.Trim = String.Empty Then
                End If
        Catch ex As Exception

        End Try
    End Sub

How to overcome this issue?

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Just a note: string.Empty is not the same thing as null. –  Mark Byers Apr 2 '10 at 10:08
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2 Answers

In general you can't modify the structure of a collection while you iterate over it.

A simple solution is while iterating over your table, store the rows that need to be deleted in a separate deletion list. When you have finished iterating, iterate over your list of deletions and delete them from the original list.

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Create a copy of your MyDataTable.Rows, iterate over that and remove the rows from your original collection.

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