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How do I find the number in line number may not be in the beginning. For example: "d: \ \ 1.jpg"

Thank you.

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You will have to do a lot better at explaining what you require, or this might be closed. Try to tell us what you wish to achieve. –  Adriaan Stander Apr 2 '10 at 12:08

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You use a Regular Expression with the RegExp object:

var myRegEx = /\d+/; // RegEx to find one or more digits

var myMatch = myRegEx.exec("d:\\1.jpg")
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You can use a regexp:

var match = "testing 123".match(/\d/);
if (match) {
    alert(match.index); // alerts 8, the index of "1" in the string

That uses String#match, passing in a literal regexp using the "digit" class (\d).

And/or you can grab all contiguous digits starting with the first digit found:

var match = "testing 123".match(/\d+/);
if (match) {
    alert(match.index); // alerts 8, the index of "1" in the string
    alert(match[0]);    // alerts "123"

Those links are to the Mozilla documentation because it's fairly good, but these are not Mozilla-specific features.

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