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While attempting to transfer data from Salesforce using Apex Data Loader to Oracle Keep getting the following error:

    26937 [databaseAccountExtract] FATAL com.salesforce.dataloader.dao.database.Data
baseContext  - Error getting value for SQL parameter: nkey__c.  Please make sure
 that the value exists in the configuration file or is passed in.  Database conf
iguration: insertAccount.

The database-conf.xml has the following beans:

<bean id="insertAccount"
    <property name="sqlConfig" ref="insertAccountSql"/>
    <property name="dataSource" ref="dbDataSource"/>
<bean id="insertAccountSql" class="com.salesforce.dataloader.dao.database.SqlConfig" singleton="true">
    <property name="sqlString">
            VALUES (@nkey__c@)
    <property name="sqlParams">
   <entry key="nkey__c" value="java.lang.String"/>

The SDL (mapping file) has the following values:

# Account Insert Mapping values for query from Salesforce (left) and insert/update to Oracle (right)
# SalesforceFieldName=OracleFieldName

Any help appreciated.

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I'd make your case match exactly ... always use nkey__c for example

More important, get rid of any blanks in your mapping file ... very easy to get bit by

nkey__c=nkey__cb (b is blank)

p.s. This stuff is junk.

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