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Hi can anyone let me know which control they have used for doing the scrolling.

I like that control very much.

Application is free to download. Help me to figure out which control is this.

Application URL:

Help me out.

Control is inside: Schedule Tab in the application

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Arpan

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Most likely that video is just a UIScrollView. While it shares a lot of the properties of a UITableView you may notice that a UITableView is a subclass of a UIScrollView.

There are a number of ways to create that functionality. I recommend looking at the documentation for UIScrollView. You may be able to find some glue between a UITableView and a UIScrollView. If you decide to write your own UIScrollView subclass keep in mind memory issues. You will have to unload the "not visible" portions of the view if you are displaying a lot of data.

The UIScrollViewDelegate protocol has the scrollViewDidScroll: method that you can use to do custom view layout as the view scrolls.

You can use the contentOffset property to get the position of what is being displayed in the larger scrollview.

I think you will find its not that hard, once you experiment with UIScrollView. Especially if you aren't planning on do any zooming.

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